Together with Emerge Education, we’re looking for fresh ideas from students, as well as products from startups and established companies, that have the potential to benefit the further and higher education sector.

The edtech launchpad is split into three parts:

  1. Student ideas competition: for students who have an idea but have not yet developed it
  2. Edtech startups competition: for teams who have an edtech product and need help getting it in front of people in universities and colleges
  3. Accelerator: for companies delivering a service to one or two institutions and are looking to expand to deliver to others

Student ideas competition

Our annual student ideas competition, previously known as the Summer of Student Innovation, is designed to find innovative technology solutions to improve education, research and student life, often based on their own experiences. Previous winning ideas aimed to solve big problems in the education sector that the students had themselves faced.

We welcome UK-based students or teams from:

  • Sixth form colleges (16 years+)
  • Further education colleges
  • Apprenticeship providers
  • Universities

The student ideas competition will open for entries in spring 2018 but you can register your interest now. Follow the conversation on Twitter using #studentideas.

Edtech startups competition

This will be the fourth time we’ve run the startups programme, which is aimed at companies with products ready to sell.

Successful applicants will receive equity investment up to £10,000 (subject to terms and conditions) each as well as mentorship, from Jisc and a small group of industry experts, to help them develop their product and find their market niche. Find out about the startups selected following our 2017 competition. 

The edtech startups competition will be open in early 2018 to early-stage startups, as well as successful teams from the ideas competition who have a market-ready product.

The accelerator

The accelerator is aimed at startups with a small number of paying customers.

Successful applicants will receive up to £30,000 equity investment (subject to terms and conditions) as well as detailed mentorship, from Jisc, Emerge and industry experts, to help them grow and secure further investment.

The accelerator competition will open in 2018 to all startups, as well as successful companies from the previous stage.

Companies taking part in our accelerator could have a significant impact on our members and become suppliers of essential services. By developing relationships with them in the early stages, we can steer them in the right direction to ensure they meet the needs of the further and higher education sectors. We can also mitigate risks and provide reassurance to members when they’re buying products from startups.